Specialised Vectors

Specialised vectors are available for use in variuos bacterial species (including, for instance) Clostridium, Cupriavidus, Geobacillus and Methanotrophs. Please identify beforehand exactly which vectors are required by contacting sbrc@nottingham.ac.uk or vectors@nottingham.ac.uk with your requirements.

Vectors are sent as lyophilised 50ng/µl DNA ready to be transformed into E. coli. and cost. Postal charges are destination dependent and added at check-out.

Queries should be addressed to: vectors@nottingham.ac.uk

Please note: It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that prior to purchase that the required goods are accepted into the destination country and that any required documentation (including import permits) are in place. Refunds cannot be processed for any orders returned to us due to customs issues. Please contact vectors@nottingham.ac.uk for any questions relating to ordering.