Industry Orders

Tailored Vector Sets

**Tailored vector set as already defined through e-mail correspondence with SBRC.

Modular shuttle plasmid vectors for use in Clostridium bacteria and other Gram-positive anaerobes. Comprising a selection of Gram +ve and -ve replicons, antibiotic markers and various different application specific modules.

Plasmids are sent as lyophilised 50ng/µl DNA ready to be transformed into E. coli.

Kit 1

  • The 18 modules originally described are distributed as part of a kit comprising five plasmids (pMTL80110, pMTL82254, pMTL83353, pMTL84422 & pMTL85141) from which the other 395 possible combinations of modules can be easily constructed in one or a few cloning step(s) using AscI, FseI, PmeI and SbfI.

Kit 2

  • Seven plasmids (pMTL89151, pMLT86151, pMTL87151, pMTL81151, pMTL88155, pMTL84131, pMLT82255) comprising five new Gram-positive replicons and the fluorescent marker FAST.

Queries should be addressed to: 

pMTL80000 modular plasmids at ClosTron